Land and Sea Ranger Program

Yirrganydji Land and Sea Ranger Program

Our people have long-held cultural and traditional responsibilities to protect and manage our country.

The Yirrganydji Land and Sea Ranger Program was established to:

  • Focus on the conservation, sustainability and management of Land and Sea Country on the coast between Cairns and Port Douglas, North Queensland;
  • Undertake a range of activities including fire management, protection of threatened species and their habitats, pest plant and feral animal management, visitor management, research and monitoring and cultural heritage management; 
  • Achieving environmental and cultural heritage benefits in the national interest;
  • Protect our rights as Traditional owners and to maintain a healthy link to our country and resources;
  • Providing real, long term jobs and greater economic certainty to individuals, families and our community;
  • Providing support, training and life skills and career pathways;
  • Providing pathways to establish business enterprises based on land, sea and culture;
  • Improving health and well being of our people including confidence, self esteem and hope;
  • Strengthening and encouraging strong leadership and building relationships and partnerships between Indigenous and non-indigenous organisations; and
  • Achieve positive outcomes in a range of important public policy areas including closing the gap in indigenous disadvantage.