We want to take a leadership role to improve social, economic, health, political and cultural outcomes for our community and region.

Our land and sea country is internationally recognised and is partly within the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage listed areas. Our region encompasses a unique array of habitats, plants, and animals, which are of worldwide conservation significance including marine turtles and dugongs.

We now face a range of pressures on our people and region. We believe that protecting and conserving the environment, resources, and heritage is a shared responsibility. We want to continue our rights, responsibilities, identities, and livelihoods as Traditional owner First Peoples as we still have strong cultural and spiritual connection to the coast between Cairns and Port Douglas.

This is why we have established projects and programs to help manage our culture and country for current and future generations.

We invite you to support and contribute to our program. We all have a responsibility to create a positive future, every single one of us.