The name Dawul Wuru (“Three Rivers”) was given in the traditional aboriginal language of the Cairns to Port Douglas Region and signifies three significant river systems in the wider Cairns Region, North Queensland. One Direction represents  ‘partnerships’ and working together to achieve our collective goals for the future of our people.

Be Crocwise



Estuarine and freshwater crocodiles are both environmentally and culturally significant animals. They play an important part to north and central Queensland’s wetlands, freshwater and marine areas. They are often the largest predator in these areas and help to maintain the overall health and balance of these ecosystems.

Estuarine crocodiles live mainly in tidal reaches of rivers, as well as in freshwater lagoons, swamps and waterways. They can occur along some of the beaches and around inshore islands. Estuarine crocodiles can be active at any time.

Never take unnecessary risks in crocodile habitat. You are responsible for your own safety, so please follow the guidelines and be crocwise in croc country.

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Regional Indigenous Fashion & Textile Showcase (RIFTS) 2015

Watch This Space!

The Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation will be holding the next Regional Indigenous Fashion and Textiles Showcase (RIFTS) at Cairns Rydges Tradewinds on Saturday 13 June 2015. This is an annual event and aims to provide opportunities for indigenous artists, fashion designers and models of Far North Queensland to showcase their work and talents.

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Securing the Future for Our Young People

On the 27th June 2014, the Yirrganydji People marked a milestone in the management of Sea Country with the official launch of Yirrganydji Kulpul-Wu Mamingal (Yirrganydji Sea Country Plan) and the official accreditation of the Yirrganydji TUMRA (Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreement) for the coastline between Cairns and Port Douglas, North Queensland.

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Minister and Local MPs meet with Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation

Minister Steve Miles & MPs.png

On Wednesday 11 March 2015, Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation had an opportunity to meet with the Hon. Steven Miles MP, Minister for Environment & Heritage Protection, National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef (Qld), as well as our local members, Rob Pyne MP and Craig Crawford MP of the respective Cairns and Barron River electorates, to discuss environmental matters in the Cairns Region, North Queensland.

In September 2015, the Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation launched the Yirrganydji Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program, which will be based in Cairns, North Queensland. The Yirrganydji Rangers will be working with a number of partners and stakeholders to undertake and conduct natural and cultural resource management activities in North Queensland.