Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation (the Corporation) is a legally incorporated Aboriginal Traditional Owner owned, managed and governed community organisation servicing the eastern north Queensland area between Cairns and Port Douglas.

The Corporation was established in 2010 as a community based organisation to support, protect and secure the rights and interests of the local Traditional owners and Aboriginal People of the Cairns region. The Corporation is an incorporated association registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006.

The name Dawul Wuru (“Three Rivers”) was given in the traditional aboriginal language of the Cairns to Port Douglas Region and signifies three significant river systems in the wider Cairns Region, North Queensland.

One Direction represents  ‘partnerships’ and working together to achieve our collective goals for the future of our people.

Our Vision

“Empowering today’s generation for tomorrow’s future.”

Our Mission

We are committed to:

  • Providing a strong voice
  • Asserting rights and traditions
  • Advancing interests
  • Strengthening Foundations
  • Providing Employment, Education and Training
  • Building Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Developing Strong Partnerships and Co-management Arrangements
  • Securing Future


Our Governance and risk management practices

The Corporation is governed by an elected board of directors determining priorities, policies, and strategic directions and monitoring of the overall performance of the organisation.

In addition, the Corporation has an Indigenous Terms of Reference, which reflects and observes protocols or considerations that are set by the local Traditional owner community.

The Corporation’s governance philosophy is underpinned by principles of accountability, transparency and openness, integrity, leadership and commitment.

The Corporation has a work health and safety system, which complies with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and associated regulations. The business also has a robust administrative framework and experience to managing contracts and projects with multiple sites, stakeholder groups and milestones.

Our Future

We want to create a future for ourselves, our families and our community through taking a leadership role to improve social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes for our community.

We want to develop partnerships to create real change and advance mutual interests so we can:

  • Achieve environmental and cultural heritage benefits in the national interest;
  • Provide real, long-term jobs and greater economic certainty to individuals, families and our community;
  • Provide pathways to establish business enterprises based on land and culture;
  • Improve health and well being of our people including confidence, self esteem and hope;
  • Strengthen and encourage leadership an build relationships and partnerships between Indigenous and non-indigenous organisations